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The City of Redlands works with CitySourced to provide a smartphone app that allows you to send images and descriptions of problems that you encounter with city infrastructure.  

Some examples of problems submitted.

Helpful Tips

  • Stay safe; don’t attempt to use CitySourced (or any app for that matter) while driving.
  • The app works much better outdoors than it does indoors. This is especially true of Blackberries which rely heavily on satellite communications.
  • Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; please confirm and then use the app liberally.  No smartphone? Report online

To report a problem online click here.

To install an app on your phone to report a problem continue reading.

Installation Instructions

iPhone Users

From iPhone devices go to the iTunes App store and search for "Redlands 311". You can also input: directly into your address bar.

Android Users

From Android devices go to the Android marketplace and search for “Redlands 311.”
You can also input directly into your address bar on the phone or your computer.

Blackberry Users

We are no longer supporting Native Blackberry Apps.

The “Redlands 311” App can now be accessed via this web link and can be accessed via other smartphones, Desktop or Tablet.


No Smartphone?  Report issues online below

Phone information is optional but if we can contact you it will help us resolve the problem you are reporting.

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