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Approved FY 2015-2016 Budget

Message from the City Manager regarding FY2015-2016 Budget


The San Bernardino County Property Tax deadlines are April 10 and December 10. Pay online!

Mission Statement:

To provide the best possible services to our customers: the general public and other City departments; to ensure that all City of Redlands financial transactions are reviewed for propriety and legality, and that the reporting of the City's financial position is performed accurately and timely.


The Revenue Division is responsible for the collection of all fees, taxes and penalties owed to the city, keeping the funds safely invested and deposited in various financial institutions, and disbursing the funds as directed by the City Council.

The Division issues business licenses, dog licenses, transient occupancy permits, yard sale permits, and rents parking spaces to the public. We provide a constant information service at the front counter, the collection of payments for city utility bills and invoices, the collection of fees and permits for all city departments, and investment of all temporarily idle city funds.

The primary purpose of Customer Service is to provide accurate and timely customer billing and collection services for the water, wastewater and solid waste utilities of the City, in addition to billing services for street cleaning and household hazardous waste services provided by other departments within the City.

Additionally, the Customer Service works as a cross-functional team under the Finance Department providing assistance and support to customers for information regarding automated payment programs, proper disposal of refuse and recycling opportunities, backyard composting programs, and wise use of water, to name a few.



Insurance Requirements

For other forms, visit the Purchasing Division webpage


Finance Director

Tina T. Kundig

Contact Information


Customer Service                 (909) 798-7516

Finance Administration         (909) 798-7542

     Financial Statements
     Vendor Payments and Inquiries

Revenue Division                   (909) 798-7544

     Business Licenses                (909) 798-7557
     Dog Licenses                       (909) 798-7544
     Yard Sale Permits                (909) 798-7544


P.O. Box 3005 | 35 Cajon Street, Suite 30 | Redlands, CA 92373

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