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Commitment to a Sustainable Redlands is a hallmark of our community. Through staff-implemented initiatives, the City has endeavored to contribute to the notion of sustainability. The following list details some of these efforts:


Conversion of the Solid Waste fleet to LNG/CNG alternative fuel
The City operates a Solid Waste fleet of 32 heavy trucks.  As of this writing, fully 22 Solid Waste heavy trucks have been replaced with CNG and LNG alternative fuel trucks, representing 66% of the Solid Waste fleet.
Expansion of CNG/LNG fuel sales to outside users
The City Council acted to provide City staff with the direction and authority to expand the sale of LNG and CNG fuel to outside users.  This shift in policy will promote the use of alternative fueled vehicles on a regional basis by making LNG/CNG fuel available to private fleets and to operators of alternative fuel cars and sedans. 
Expansion of City recycling programs
The City has implemented an eclectic array of resource recovery programs.  As a result, the City’s disposal of waste at the California Street Landfill has remained at approximately the same level for more than six years despite large increases in the City’s waste stream resulting from the cumulative growth in commercial and residential development.
Decreased energy usage during peak demand operating hours
The City’s Municipal Utilities Department closely monitors the use of water distribution pumps to take advantage of incentivized pricing from Southern California Edison.  As a result, the City maximizes the use of power during non-peak periods to reduce peak load power usage and to save monies under SCE rate incentives.
Measure O
The City of Redlands voters established a bond for the purchase of open space, groves for citrus preservation, the preservation of large natural areas, expanded park and recreation areas, etc.  The City has spent approximately $1.5 million to date in the acquisition of land consistent with the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. 
LED traffic lights
The Public Works Department installed LED lights in all existing traffic signals in the City and has established specifications for requiring LED lights in all new traffic signals.  This action resulted in a 90% reduction of energy usage with a 3.7 year payback for the cost of installation.
Pilot Controlled Lighting
The Redlands Municipal Airport installed pilot controlled lighting on the runway of the airport in 2006.  This feature enables pilots to activate the runway lights at night on approach which saves energy by allowing the lights to be off except when activated. 
Adoption of U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
The City Council endorsed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement on October 18, 2007, establishing an umbrella environmental policy to pursue a broad range of environmental programs and initiatives. 
Energy Leader Partnership Agreement
The City executed an Energy Partnership Agreement with Southern California Edison in November of 2009 for the new program cycle, 2010-2012.  This agreement will reimburse the City for certain expenses related to energy conservation improvements at City facilities and for outreach and technical assistance to the residential and commercial sector. 
The Southern California Gas Company joined the partnership for the 2013-2014 cycle.
Formation of Climate Action Task Force
City Council Member, then Mayor (2009) Jon Harrison formed the Climate Protection Task Force in Winter 2009 for the purpose of developing a comprehensive list of climate protection recommendations for presentation to the City Council in late Summer, early Fall, 2009. 
Energy Efficiency and Conservations Block Grant Program
The City has received an allocation from the Department of energy under this grant program to construct a 115 kilowatt photovoltaic installation at the City’s wastewater treatment plant. This project has the potential to produce about 200,000 kilowatt hours per year over an expected lifespan of 30 years.  This represents a saving to the City in terms of electricity costs of about $16,000 annually.
Department of Energy Congressionally Directed Project
The City has received an allocation from the Department of energy under the 2010 Energy and Water and Other Related Agencies Appropriations Act.  The purpose of this project is to provide targeted upgrades to operations requiring the highest energy usage intensity among all City facilities. This suite of upgrades includes: heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and controls, outdoor lighting, and water conveyance system management.
Energy Benchmarking
The City is currently involved in efforts to benchmark 4 of its buildings. The buildings included in this energy benchmark study include the three buildings that comprise City Hall and the A.K. Smiley Public Library. This unbiased energy benchmark helps the City to set investment priorities in regards to its Energy Leader Partnership with Southern California Edison and grant funds acquired to help improve the energy efficiency of City operations.  Energy benchmarking offers the City an established strategy in energy management that aides in gauging current performance, setting goals for future performance, following savings, and rewarding improvements.
Community Sustainability Plan completion and adoption
The City Council voted on March 1 to adopt the 97-page Plan that designates ten overarching areas of sustainability in which to achieve efficiency and overall sustainable practices. The overarching categories include: Energy Efficiency and Conservation; Water and Wastewater; Storing and Offsetting Carbon Emissions; Green Building; Waste Reduction and Recycling; Efficient Transportation and Low Carbon Fuels; Climate Friendly Purchasing; Land Use and Community Design; Renewable Energy; and Promoting Community and Individual Actions.

To view the Redlands Community Sustainability Plan, click here.


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