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Jeanne Donaldson

Elected November 8, 2016 (first elected term)
Current Term 2016 – 2020

Address: 35 Cajon Street, Suite 4, Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 909-798-7531
Fax: 909-798-7535


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      University of California at Riverside – Bachelor’s degree in Sociology


      Marketing Manager/Executive Assistant, Medical Real Estate Development
      Administrative Assistant, UC Riverside
      Sales Representative, L’Oreal


  • Single
  • One Daughter, Lauren and one son, David
  • Resident of Redlands since 1968


The City Clerk is one of the oldest professions in government. The office can be traced to biblical times and even before. Ancient Greece had a city secretary who read official documents publicly. At the opening of a meeting, one of his duties was to read a curse upon anyone who should seek to deceive the people. 

The early keepers of the archives were often called remembrances and before writing came into use, their memory was the public record. The office of clerk can be traced back to the year 1272 AD in the History of the Corporation of Old London. 

When early colonists came to America, they set up forms of local government to which they had been accustomed, and the office of clerk was one of the first established. The colony at Plymouth appointed a person to act as a recorder. 

Over the years, municipal clerks have become the hub of government - the direct link between the inhabitants of their towns and their government. The clerk is the historian of the community; the entire recorded history of the town and its people is in the clerk's care.

In Redlands, the City Clerk is an elected official and is responsible directly to the voters. Deputies may be appointed by the City Clerk and shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Clerk. The City Clerk serves the City Council, the City Manager, and all administrative departments.

The department keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of the City Council and the Board of Directors of the Redevelopment Agency and a comprehensive general index. The Clerk's Office is also responsible for keeping an accurate record of all City ordinances and resolutions; attests, publishes, and preserves an accurate record of all City ordinances and resolutions; is the custodian of the City Seal; maintains files of City contracts, agreements, and deeds; and administers oaths, affirmations and acknowledgments.


The City Clerk's Office seeks to provide the best possible service to our customers. We strive to provide information and hearing notices to City staff, other public agencies, and the public; legislative support to the Mayor and City Council; election support to officeholders and candidates; and records management services to City staff accurately, promptly, efficiently, and in a friendly and helpful manner. We seek to make every contact with our customers a positive and rewarding one and to be sensitive and responsive to their needs.


  • Strive constantly to improve the administration of the affairs of the office consistent with applicable laws and through sound management practices to produce continued progress and fulfill the responsibility to the community and others.
  • Coordinate legal publications and notices or ordinances, resolutions, and public hearings.
  • Provide administrative support to the City Council
  • Disseminate information relative to City Council actions to appropriate parties
  • Custodian of the City's vital records from 1888-1964
  • Responsible for conducting general municipal and special elections in accordance with the California Elections Code - coordinate ballot measures, arguments and impartial analysis
  • Act as Financial Disclosure Officer for Conflict of Interest filings for Members of the City Council, City Manager, Planning Commissioners, City Attorney, City Treasurer, and designated City employees
  • Assist the County Registrar of Voters during primary and general elections
  • Prepare ordinances and resolutions and maintain the Redlands Municipal Code
  • Research and disseminate City records as necessary
  • Advertise, receive and open bids for public works projects
  • Process annexation, improvement district proceedings, and street vacations
  • Acts a City archivist and historian relating to official acts
  • Maintain an open, diplomatic and neutral relationship with news media which includes the press, radio, and television
  • Answer citizens inquiries by telephone and in person
  • Act as Secretary for the Redevelopment Agency Board of Directors
  • Follow legal procedures for noticing regular, adjourned and special meetings of the City Council and Redevelopment Agency
  • Prepare and administer Clerk's Office budget
  • Interpret laws of City and State
  • Manage "boutique" of City memorabilia


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