Commendations & Complaints

Commendations and Complaints
about the police can be made:

  • In person at any police facility
  • By telephone at (909) 335-4744
  • E-Mail:
  • By mail:
    Redlands Police Department
    Office of the Chief of Police
    30 Cajon St.
    Redlands, CA 92373

Citizen Complaint Procedure

A relationship of trust and confidence between employees of the Police Department and the community of Redlands, which they serve, is essential. As it is the absolute right of all citizens to initiate a complaint proceeding, citizens are provided with a form available here and at all Redlands Police facilities to be completed for this purpose.

Once you have completed this complaint form and have returned it to a supervisory employee of the Police Department, you will be given a receipted copy thereof. Whereupon, a thorough investigation will be made of all of the evidence contained in your complaint. You may be asked to provide additional information during the investigation process. This request will be made by an investigative officer, appointed by the Chief of Police.

As soon as the facts are known, a complete report will be made for personal review by the Chief of Police who will make a determination regarding the validity and seriousness of the allegation. You will be notified in writing of such a determination. Should an employee be found to have conducted himself, or herself, in an unjustified, unlawful, or improper manner, appropriate disciplinary action will result.

It must be noted that this complaint procedure cannot be used to establish your guilt or innocence in any pending criminal proceeding. Although your complaint will be accepted from you, no formal determination will be made while criminal action is pending. Further, you may not utilize this complaint procedure if you disagree with any law, ordinance, or established policy or procedure of the City of Redlands, or its Police Department, if the employee who is the subject of your complaint was complying with such law, ordinance, policy or procedure.

Although you have the personal assurance of the Chief of Police that your complaint will be given a fair and impartial hearing. If you feel that the nature of your complaint requires further inquiry, you should contact:

1. The Federal Bureau of Investigations — Cases of violation of civil rights;
2. The California State Attorney of General;
3. The San Bernardino County District Attorney;
4. Your personal attorney.

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