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The Airport Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to the administration, operation, development, improvement and maintenance of the Redlands Municipal Airport.


Meets at 5:30 p.m. on the 1st Wednesday of every even-numbered month.
City Council Chambers

35 Cajon Street, Suite 2
Staff Liaisons - Will Hamilton
Council Liaisons - Eddie Tejeda, Pat Gilbreath

Current Agenda

Airport Advisory Board Agenda for April 5, 2017



AAB Speaker Slip



Seven (7) members are appointed by the City Council to serve a four-year term. Currently, the following individuals serve on this board:


JOHN M. OROS 5/20/14 5/1/18
KEVIN HOCKENSON 5/19/15 5/1/19
JAMES CALEY 1/16/13 5/1/20
INGRID M. BIGLOW 7/7/09 5/1/17
RON KLINKEBIEL 1/16/06 5/1/18
MILES MILLER 1/16/13 5/1/17
JOHN LOY 1/16/13 5/1/20



Minutes of Past Meetings


03.01.2017 AAB Meeting Minutes  Draft Pending Board Approval

02.01.2017 AAB Meeting Minutes



12.06.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

10.05.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

08.03.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

07.06.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

06.01.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

04.06.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

02.23.2016 AAB Special Meeting Minutes

02.03.2016 AAB Meeting Minutes

01.27.2016 AAB Special Meeting Minutes



12.02.2015 AAB Minutes

10.02.2015 AAB Minutes

09.02.2015 AAB Special Meeting Minutes

08.05.2015 AAB Minutes

07.01.2015 Special Meeting Minutes

07.15.2015 Special Meeting Minutes

05.06.2015 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf  EXHIBIT-SIGNS.pdf LIGHTS-EXHIBIT.pdf PAPI-EXHIBIT.pdf

04.01.2015 AAB Minutes.pdf   - Attachment - Summary.pdf

02.04.2015 AAB Minutes.pdf


12.18.14 AAB Special Meeting Minutes.pdf

12.09.14 AAB Special Meeting Minutes.pdf

12.03.14 AAB Minutes.pdf

11.05.14 AAB Minutes Special Meeting.pdf

10.03.14 AAB Minutes.pdf

09.03.14 AAB Minutes for Special Meeting.pdf

08.06.14 AAB Minutes.pdf

06.04.14 AAB Minutes.pdf

03.19.14 AAB Minutes.pdf

02.05.14 AAB Minutes.pdf


12.04.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

10.02.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

08.07.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

05.06.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

04.10.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

03.21.13 AAB Minutes.pdf

02.06.13 AAB Minutes.pdf


12.05.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

08.03.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

07.11.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

06.06.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

05.02.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

04.04.12 AAB Minutes.pdf

02.01.12 AAB Minutes.pdf



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