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Air Support Unit


RPD Air Support Unit provides opportunities for volunteer pilots

The Redlands Police Department is recruiting volunteer pilots to participate in the newly constituted Air Support Unit.


Pilots must be at least 21 years old with at least a private pilot’s license, current medical certificate and a minimum 300 hours flight time in a fixed-wing, general aviation aircraft with significant time in a Cessna 172.


Volunteer pilots will be required to pass a background check and interview as well as explain their reason for volunteering and their flight experience. They will also be required to pass a flight test. Including passing a drug test.


Those selected must be able to fly at least two 4-hour shifts per month and participate in monthly training sessions.


The Air Support Unit, using volunteer pilots, many of whom are retired law enforcement officers, and a specially outfitted Cessna 172 will provide patrol and surveillance support to Redlands Police officers and special units on the ground.


The Air Support Unit will fly approximately 800 to1,000 hours per year in a variety of duties, including patrolling the city’s streets, neighborhoods and canyon areas, assisting ground units and providing surveillance assistance to specialized units.


To volunteer, download the pilot application, or call (909) 335-4744.


Forward completed applications to:


Commander Shawn Ryan
30 Cajon St.
Redlands, CA 92373

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