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Redlands Police Department
1270 W. Park Ave #C
Redlands, California 92373
(909) 798-7614
(909)798-7639 fax

The Records Section serves as clerical support to all members of the police department and is responsible for customer service at the main facility front counter. The front counter is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Records is closed to the public on Fridays, weekends and holidays.


Those required to register their fingerprints with the Redlands Police Department for Arson, Narcotics and Sex Registrants may do so by appointment only.  To make an appointment for the fingerprints must be done through the Records Department at 909-798-7614.

*** Effective May 14 2012 ***

New Days and Hours for Fingerprinting and Live Scan

For Redlands residents fingerprinting is available Mondays and Tuesday, 11:30 to 3:30 pm (excluding holidays).   No appointment is necessary.   We are limited to Redlands residents, and those applying for City of Redlands business licenses and permits.  If you live outside Redlands' jurisdiction, please contact your local law enforcement agency for fingerprinting.   

Traffic Collision Reports
If you wish to obtain a copy of a traffic collision report, you must be an involved party or insurance agent for an involved party. Attorneys must supply a signed waiver from the involved party. There is no fee. Please allow 14 working days from the date of the collision. Please call the Records Department at 909-798-7614 to confirm the report is available.

Crime Reports
An extract of a crime report may be obtained by the victim, insurance agent or attorney for the victim (with signed waiver). An extract consists of the report face page and stolen/recovered property sheets only. A subpoena is required to obtain a full copy of a crime report.

Bicycle Registration
Bicycle registration tags can be obtained for $5.00. Please bring the bicycle into the lobby of the main police facility at 1270 W Park Ave so that we may verify the serial number. Registration tags are good for 2-3 years.

VISA Clearance Letters
If you need a VISA clearance letter, there is a $11.00 charge. You must provide photo identification. Only Redlands records will be searched (adults only). If you wish to obtain a state clearance, please contact the Department of Justice. VISA clearance letters can only be requested in person, and cannot be done through the mail or by a second party.

Impounded Vehicles
If your vehicle has been impounded, a release can be obtained for $233. Only the registered and/or legal owner may obtain the release. The vehicle must be currently registered, and a valid driver’s license is required. If your vehicle was impounded due to the driver being unlicensed or having a suspended/revoked license, the vehicle may be impounded for a 30-day period. Suspect vehicles will only be released between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Citation Sign-Offs
Effective May 10, 2012, the Redlands Police Department will only be able to sign off citations that were issued by the Redlands Police Department.  If you have a Redlands Citation they can be signed off between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday, based on officer availability.  If your citation is for lack of proof of insurance, it must be signed off at the courthouse.

Property Retrieval
If you wish to retrieve property that was seized or confiscated at the time of your arrest, or stolen property that has been recovered, please contact the Property Bureau at 798-7684. Property will be released by appointment only.

Records Subpoenas
In order to receive a full and complete copy of a crime report, a subpoena for records is required. Subpoena forms can be obtained free of charge at the courthouse. Forms should be completed with the requestor’s full name, date of birth, address and phone number. Also include what records are being requested and the purpose for the request. Photo identification is required. You must be an involved party in order to obtain records.

Once completed, the subpoena should be presented to the Police Department, along with a $15.00 fee. If necessary, the request will be sent to the City Attorney for his review. Once approved or denied, you will be notified via phone call or by mail. Please allow at least 10 days.
If you are a defendant in a criminal case, a copy may be obtained only through “discovery” from the District Attorney’s Office. A subpoena will not be accepted.

If a juvenile defendant is involved, a copy may be obtained only by petitioning Juvenile Court. A subpoena will not be accepted.

Traffic collision records do not require a subpoena and can be released to involved parties with photo identification.

Domestic violence cases do not require a subpoena and can be released only to the victim with photo identification.

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Tuesday, September 23rd

  1. Planning Commission Meeting
  2. Chinese Story Time
    • Start time: 05:45pm
    • End date: Tuesday, September 23rd
    • End time: 06:15pm
    • Join us in the Story corner of the Young Readers' Room for Chinese/Mandarin songs and stories.

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Wednesday, September 24th

  1. Preschool Story Time
    • Start time: 10:15am
    • End date: Wednesday, September 24th
    • End time: 10:45am
    • Come join in the fun of stories and songs and meet new friends! Join us in the Assembly Room each Wednesday morning at 10:15 a.m.

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  2. Post 261 Explorer Meeting
    • Start time: 06:30pm
    • End date: Wednesday, September 24th
    • End time: 08:30pm
    • Open Enrollment to join the Redlands Explorer Program is in January of every year, but you can pick-up and drop-off applications through-out the entire year at the Fire Administration office. Ages to join are between 15 years To 21 years old.

      Fire Administrative Office
      35 Cajon Street #12
      Redlands, CA 92373

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Thursday, September 25th

  1. Tiny Tot Story Time
    • Start time: 10:40am
    • End date: Thursday, September 25th
    • End time: 10:55am
    • Join us in the Assembly Room each Thursday morning for great songs, and stories!

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  2. Market Night
    • Start time: 06:00pm
    • End date: Thursday, September 25th
    • End time: 09:00pm
    • Established in 1988, Redlands Market Night has established itself as one of the most successful certified farmers markets in Southern California! Vendors vie to participate in the event that has attracted thousands of weekly visitors since its inception. Visitors are welcomed into an inviting atmosphere complete with lighted trees, brick sidewalks, historic buildings, and great musical entertainment. Crowds are pleasantly surrounded by over 150 food and merchandise booths, not to mention the downtown shopkeepers, every Thursday night.

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Friday, September 26th

  1. City Hall Closed
    • Extended service hours are offered in order for the public to conduct City business before and after traditional business hours. City staff is available 9 hours a day to serve you. City Hall offices are closed every other Friday.

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Saturday, September 27th

  1. Saturday Morning Certified Farmers Market
    • Start time: 08:00am
    • End date: Saturday, September 27th
    • End time: 11:00am
    • The City’s successful Saturday Morning Certified Farmers Market brings fresh local produce to historic downtown Redlands every Saturday.

      The Saturday Morning Certified Farmers’ Market began June 6, 2009, bringing local growers to the City parking lot south of Redlands Boulevard between Fifth and Sixth streets near Ed Hales Park. The market operates from 8 to 11 a.m. every Saturday, excluding holiday weekends.

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  2. Household Hazardous Waste Collection site
    • Start time: 09:30am
    • End date: Saturday, September 27th
    • End time: 12:30pm
    • During operating hours, residents can dispose of household materials including, outdated prescription medication (with the exception of controlled substances), outdated pet prescription medication, paint products, chemical cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, hobby/pool supplies, automotive oil, filters, brake fluid, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, gasoline, and propane tanks.

      The site does not accept business waste, radioactive wastes, medical waste, explosives, reactives, or asbestos.

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Sunday, September 28th

  1. Playwright/performer Larry Vanderveen assumes the role of legendary novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald in a one-man interactive show.
    • Start time: 02:30pm
    • End date: Sunday, September 28th
    • End time: 04:30pm
    • Join us in the A.K. Smiley Library Assembly Room as actor and writer Larry Vanderveen assumes the role of legendary novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald in a powerhouse one-man show exploring the life and times of the man who penned such classic American novels as The Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise. From his troubled relationship with devoted wife Zelda to his later romance with Hollywood gossip writer Sheilah Graham and his complex friendship with acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway, this rich and textured exploration of Fitzgerald’s eventful life allows literature fans the unique opportunity to look into the mind of the man responsible for some of the greatest literature of the 20th Century.

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Monday, September 29th

  1. Environmental Review Committee

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