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The MUNICIPAL CODE for the City of Redlands is online and may be viewed in its entirety.

The Table of Contents for Chapter 12.56 of the Redlands Municipal Code is listed here for your reference. Please refer to the Official Municipal Code for the most current and updated information. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 12.56 Municipal Airport

12.56.010     Purpose
12.56.020     General Responsibility of owners, operators and users
12.56.030     Permitted activities generally
12.56.040     Prohibited activities
12.56.050     Damage to facilities
12.56.060     Adoption of rules and regulations
12.56.070     Conformance with rules governing aircraft operation
12.56.080     Authority of Director to suspend flights
12.56.090     Use of intoxicating liquor or drugs
12.56.100     Certified aircraft and personnel required
12.56.110     Aircraft taxiing regulations
12.56.120     Runway approaches
12.56.130     Conformance to traffic patterns
12.56.140     Formation takeoffs prohibited
12.56.150     Turns after takeoff
12.56.160     Traffic pattern establishment
12.56.170     Entering or leaving traffic pattern
12.56.180     Maintenance of safe distance in traffic pattern
12.56.190     Boarding or disembarking
12.56.200     Repair areas
12.56.210     Starting of aircraft
12.56.220     Entrance or exit of airplane from hangar
12.56.230     Authority of Director to move aircraft
12.56.240     Accidents- -Removal of damaged aircraft
12.56.250     Accidents- -Report
12.56.260     Securing of unattended aircraft
12.56.270     Registration of aircraft
12.56.280     Parking of privately owned aircraft
12.56.290     Parking of transient aircraft
12.56.300     Parking for airport tenants(PENDING REVIEW)
12.56.310     Director approval required to store materials
12.56.320     Vehicles- -Operation allowed where(PENDING REVIEW)
12.56.330     Vehicles- -Negligent operation prohibited(PENDING REVIEW)
12.56.340     Vehicles- -Yield of right-of-way to aircraft
12.56.350     Vehicles- -Accident Report
12.56.360     Vehicles- -Parking(PENDING REVIEW)
12.56.370     Vehicles bearing flammable materials
12.56.380     Vehicles- -Illegal parking(PENDING REVIEW)
12.56.390     Fire regulations
12.56.400     Landing fees
12.56.410     Tie-downs and hangar fees
12.56.420     Liability of City
12.56.430     Violation- -Penalty
12.56.440     Authority of Chief of Police for airport security
12.56.450     Appeal Process
12.56.460     Traffic Pattern


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