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The Quality of Life Department's Electrical Division is responsible for maintenance and operation of 67 traffic signals, over 4,900 street lights, all city radio communications and electronics, and marking for underground service alerts.  A street lighting maintenance assessment district funds a small portion of the street light system.

The City's traffic signal system has been developed with a time-based interconnect to provide for optimum traffic flows during certain peak hours. Interconnect systems have been installed along Redlands Boulevard, Barton Road, Brookside Avenue and along Citrus Avenue to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion. All traffic signals are actuated with detectors in the street pavement or doppler radar cameras. All traffic signals utilize Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps for vehicle and pedestrian indicators. The LED lamps require approximately one-tenth of the energy of a standard incandescent lamps with twelve times the life expectancy.

Several types of street lights can be found in Redlands. There are approximately 700 "historic" street lights found mostly in older residential sections of the City. These light utilize 22 watt fluorescent lamps. The remaining street lights are high-pressure sodium vapor luminaries ranging from 100 watts up to 400 watts.

To report any traffic signal or street light malfunctions, lights out, or other problems, please call (909) 798-7655 or e-mail your request to

For emergency reports after normal working hours: (909) 798-7681

If you are reporting information regarding a street light malfunction, please be prepared to give us the following information:

       1.   A street light pole number.  This number can be found near the top of the pole on the side which faces the street.  This number should correspond with the addresses around the street light, and should end with the letter N, E, S, or W. 

       2.   The exact location of the street light, such as address that the street light is in front of, and / or exact corner on which the street light is located.

       3.   Brief description of the malfunction of the street light, such as light is out, flickering, dim, blocked by tree, etc.

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