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There are a number of regional and local storm drains that run through the City of Redlands. Most of these drains flow through enclosed pipes or along improved open channels. The City of Redlands maintains all improved storm drains that have dedicated easements for storm drain purposes.


Whenever it rains, water flows into the storm drain system. This runoff affects our neighborhoods and commercial/industrial centers. All drainage from the City of Redlands ultimately enters the Santa Ana River. This runoff can carry debris and pollutants into the Santa Ana River. Polluted runoff can potentially contaminate our groundwater which we use for drinking. Preventing contamination from such things as chemical spills, careless agriculture and thoughtless and improper disposal of motor oil, household products and pet waste is not beyond our control.

Protection of our waterways is both important and our responsibility. There are ways where each one of us can help. Here are some DO's and DON'T's of storm drain pollution.


  1. place litter in trash cans.
  2. take household toxic fluids to a hazardous waste collection facility.
  3. dispose of pet waste in trash.
  4. maintain your car and look for possible leaks.
  5. clean up spills with an absorbent material and dispose of it properly.
  6. sweep up yard debris and place in trash bins or compost it.
  7. water your lawn for shorter durations.
  8. clean water-based paints from rollers, pans and brushes in your sink. Take unwanted

    thinner, paint and related materials to the household hazardous waste collection facility

    at the city yard.


  1. litter.
  2. dump oil, antifreeze and other chemicals down the storm drain.
  3. leave pet waste on lawns, streets or in public places for a long period of time,

    as harmful bacteria can be washed into storm drains.
  4. allow your car to leak fluids that will be washed into the streets.
  5. allow oil or paint spills to accumulate on driveways or sidewalks.
  6. wash or place leaves, twigs, grass clippings or dirt into the storm drains.
  7. overwater your lawn.
  8. wash out paint brushes, pans and rollers in gutters.


The City of Redlands generally maintains a stock of sandbags for emergency purposes. Residents are urged to make necessary advance preparations if they are aware of the potential for flooding on their property. The following policy is used regarding the issuance of sandbags:

1.  Sandbags shall be given ONLYto residents or businesses* located within the City of Redlands. Sandbags shall be only for use at this location and not for locations outside of the city limits.

*Businesses excludes contractors. 

2.  Sandbags shall be given ONLYfor emergency purposes, i.e. water entering building or the immediate threat of water entering building. If individuals want sandbags as a precaution against possible flooding, it is suggested that they obtain sandbags from a local building supply outlet. 

3.  Individuals are encouraged to pick up sandbags at the city yard, 1270 W.  Park Avenue, northwest corner of Park Avenue and Tennessee Street, Building M, during normal working hours: Mon. thru Thur. & alternate Fri. 6:30 am to 4:00 pm. City crews are generally not able to deliver sandbags during a storm or flooding event, however, crews are generally available at the city yard. (Crews may deliver sandbags as a service to the elderly or handicapped.) 

4.  The limit of sandbags to any one resident or business shall be 25 unless otherwise approved by the Director or Supervisor. 


City crews provide regular inspection and maintenance of storm drains throughout Redlands. However, crews cannot find all problems that could develop in the storm drain system. To report drains blocked by brush or debris, erosion, collapse of walls or channel bottoms or any other related storm drain problem, please contact the Quality of Life Department at (909) 798-7655 and provide our staff with the location of the storm drain damage.

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