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Mandatory Watering Restrictions for the City of Redlands are now in effect.



Fresh, clean drinking water is yours to use whenever you need it. But not to waste! It’s too valuable. Remember that a little effort, and a little common sense will make a big difference. Wise water use will ensure that the City of Redlands will have an abundant water supply for this generation, and for generations to come. Below are some tools and references to resources that will help you to become "Water Wise".


Water Conservation Programs

Water Efficient Rebate Program

The City of Redlands is now offering rebates on water efficient products. Rebates are now available for the purchase and installation of high efficiency toilets, synthetic turf, high efficiency washing machines, weather based smart irrigation timers, and high efficiency nozzles. Additional products that can prove to reduce water consumption are also available for rebate. This allows Redlands customers, particularly in the industrial and commercial uses, to explore ways to improve water efficiency in their businesses. Pre-inspections and post-inspections will be required to be eligible for rebate. After the fact rebates will not be given. For application and full list of details on eligible products, please click here.

Free Water Use Analysis

The City of Redlands offers free water use analysis' to customers within their service area. Upon request, Water Conservation staff will conduct a site visit to discuss any needs or questions you may have on reducing water consumption in irrigation, leak detection, and through general water conservation tips. If interested, please contact the Customer Service Division at 909-798-7516.

Water Conservation in Education

Inland Solar Challenge

The Inland Solar Challenge is a student-based competition that requires high school teams to design, build, and ultimately race a solar-powered boat. Teams are tested on the boats endurance, speed and maneuvering abilities. To raise awareness on the importance of water conservation, the event also integrates a team presentation on various scenarios water districts are challenged with in order to conduct sustainable practices. The event is held every year at Yucaipa Regional Park.

The 2014 event was held May 16th-18th. 7 schools and over 120 students attended the three day event. Redlands East Valley High School, which represented the Redlands water service area took home 2nd place. Congratulations to Redlands East Valley High School for your hard work!


5th Annual Water Conservation Poster Contest

To promote public awareness about water conservation, the City of Redlands holds an annual water conservation poster contest for children grades 1st-5th in the Redlands water service area.  Each year, two winners are chosen and used on the labels of the City Bottled water w


hich is available for donation for non-profit organizations within our water service area. The theme this year was "Every minute counts, reduce your use". Congratulations to Isaiah Sohn and Genevieve McAllister, our 2014 winners!!


Helpful Hints and Tips

Did you know?

Included on every utility bill is a water conservation message printed directly on the utility bills as well as occasional custom-designed bill inserts that offer water conservation tips and advertise Redlands Water Survey program. In addition, each customer bill shows a graphical chart of the customer's historical water use and a textual explanation of the data shown on the bill. This information is intended to display the usage patterns to signal to customers the effectiveness of their efforts to reduce water waste.



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